About Us

At Mackbel Films we enjoy nothing more than taking our clients on a journey and at the end of the day, providing them with a high quality, creative communications tool. But we’re also aware that our clients are very busy people, and that’s why we handle all of the worries, which naturally go along with any new project, to ensure the whole process is seamless for them.

How we work

Our services are broad but can be refined into three main stages;

Pre Production A term that many people have heard but few truly understand let alone master, as we have. In this stage we breathe life into a new idea. We refine concepts, consolidate ideas, work out how best to execute the project for maximum results and return on our client’s investment, create and refine the scripts to ensure a clear message and … well we’re sure you get the idea.

Production This is where with our expertise and a bit of Mackbel magic, the idea really starts to flourish. Selecting and recording the right voice over and/or acting talents, choosing the most appropriate locations to film as well as a hundred other decisions that we take care of, all combine to give our clients’ brands their distinct identities. These choices are all made to fit within our client’s budgets and timeframes.

Post Production With modern editing skills, the addition of animation and licensed music (for either on-line or broadcast use), sound mixing and if needs be tweaking any colours to enhance the mood and tone of the piece – the magic is then bottled and ready for distribution.

Who we are

David Mackey

Business Storyteller

From acting in films and TV commercials to experiencing every department behind the camera, David has truly honed his understanding of production workflow. After studying at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles David further developed his keen eye and craft of story telling.

David has the rare ability to get the most out of every project with his thoroughly collaborative approach and instinctively organic style. This coupled with his strong sense of creative development has made him a well respected industry leader.

David demands the best of himself to every project he commits to and is continually expanding his skills. I would recommend David to anyone who wants quality.

Belinda Mackey

Creative Producer

A no holds barred perfectionist, Belinda ensures that every pre, pro and post-production activity flows smoothly from ‘action’ to ‘cut’.

Belinda has vast experience in front of the camera both in Sydney and Los Angeles. Upon her return to Adelaide she has become a highly regarded industry teacher. Her knowledge and calm nature allows her to help clients relax in front of the camera and enjoy the process of filming.

Belinda’s work is undoubtedly of the highest standard, seeing is believing.

Our Team of Specialists

In addition to our dedicated camera crew and editors, we have access to highly talented make-up artists, animal wranglers, casting agents, stunt crews and many other behind the scenes professionals. Harnessing the talents of some of the best high end professionals from across the globe, our clients are only one degree of separation from the best the world has to offer. This means that whatever the project requires, no matter how intricate or ‘out there’ the idea may seem, we deliver on it, every time.

A great team to work with who have a thorough understanding of what it means to work and partner with a client.