Capturing Live Events

We are experts in filming workshops, conferences and seminars for our clients – highly valuable for students, clients, customers and employees who were unable to attend the event itself. Filming live events and either uploading the entire experience or showcasing only the highlights on their websites, our clients have found a significant improvement to the promotion and recognition of their business in general and attendance levels at their other events.

We have filmed many live events for our clients that include:

                                                        Beyond Success

“Mackbel Films have worked with the Dog Committee of the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society (SA) since 2011. Their presentation of the procedures in the exhibition rings has greatly enhanced the spectacle of the show, bringing the action more intimately to the many spectators. We have appreciated David’s professionalism – and that of his team – and his willingness to listen, to respond and to produce to the highest standards. In a difficult environment, the team has worked tirelessly to overcome problems associated with the venue and have adapted their expertise to blend most positively with the needs of the Committee, the exhibitors and the viewing public. As a committee, we recommend them absolutely for these qualities, and hope to continue and grow our collaboration with them into the future.”

The Dog Committee, Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society