Music Clips

In the early 80’s, Michael Jackson’s Thriller changed the face of music clips forever. His artistic boldness, coupled with his love of film generated a music video virus which lives on today. For any musician to increase their fan base and music sales, a professional music clip is essential.

Amber Joy Poulton

The Response

“The day I met the crew from Mackbel Films was a great day indeed. I now see them as part of my publicity and promotional team because each clip that I’ve released has increased my fan base and has greatly assisted in getting my music out there to both Australian and overseas country music fans. Country Music is a funny old genre where for some reason all the film clips seem to have either a hay bale, a rusty old ute or some sort of galvanised iron. My request to both David and Belinda was to please “leave out the cheese”. I wanted to show the public that country music doesn’t have to be all about your car breaking down or your dog running away. Country music has some amazing songwriters, each with a story to tell. Mackbel Films have stayed true to my request and have produced two very classy, polished clips that have been given the nod by Foxtels Country Music Channel and my music followers. With a new album on the way, I am looking forward to working more with them in 2013 and 2014. I highly recommend David and Belinda Mackey because they give you what you want no matter how simple or how hard it may seem.”

Amber Joy Poulton, Singer / Songwriter


The Response

“Yay! Super happy and thankful for all the great responses so far.”

Sunlight, Singer / Rapper / Songwriter

Nikki Nouveau

The Response

“It is exciting and showcases my work well. Thank you very much, it looks fantastic!”

Nikki Nouveau, Singer / Songwriter / Burlesque Performer