Customer Driven Stories

People are not inspired to act by reason alone. Video stories are a way you can arouse your audience by uniting an idea with emotion. Let’s discover the value in your untold story!

Everyone's Home Is Important

WageLoch, A Family Business

Treat Everyone Like Gold

Creatures of Movement

“The response to our story has been truly remarkable. People seem to be emotionally connecting in a way we haven’t seen before.”

Duncan Maxwell, Owner, The Energy Clinic

True Friendships with Cool Harvest

In collaboration with One Green Bean

“Naomi’s story was a huge hit with Jacob’s Creek Facebook fans and the team at Pernod Ricard and OGB.”

Colette Cordes, Account Manager,  One Green Bean

The Joint Replacement Clinic

 In collaboration with The Measured Marketer

Tony’s Knee Replacement Story 35 sec

Lyn’s Hip Replacement Story 35 sec

8 Week Challenge, F45 Prospect

Confidence and Purpose

“Our BPS Universals video continues to be greeted with high praise. It has become the centrepiece of our Principal’s Tours during the second half of this year and has been shown at school reunions and transition / orientation evenings for our new families over the past fortnight. We are very proud of it!”

Patrick Kelly, Director of Development & Community Relations, Blackfriars Priory School

Singing, A Human Connection

“Thank you so much – the piece is a real work of art! Congratulations in taking a very rough brief and turning it into a promotion of which the Adelaide Harmony Choir will be suitably proud for a very long time into the future. Well done.”

Peter Gleeson, Vice President, Adelaide Harmony Choir

Walking for Health and Connection

Prohibition Liquor Co.

 In collaboration with Toolbox

A New Style of Learning

In collaboration with Toolbox

Campaign For Better Hearing

In collaboration with Toolbox

You'll Never Work Alone

“Mackbel Films from day one were very professional, not only did they understand our product but also understand and interpreted our concepts for the promotional video. The final product exceptional and within budget and their ability to accommodate changes along the way was flawless.”

Greg Lindner, R&D Manager, WSG Australia

Connected Cafes

“Prospect’s Broadband Cafe stories, expertly crafted by Mackbel Films, have had a staggering number of views and continue to be promoted through the Network Prospect social media platforms. Hats off to Mackbel for the visually rich and attractive footage for a wide audience.”

Jennifer Uebergang, Economic Development Officer, City of Prospect

Turning Leftovers into Compost

“Mackbel Films were extremely professional, resourceful and above all, a pleasure to deal with. The brief we had given them was by no means an easy one, requiring difficult access, early mornings, inclement weather and less than pleasant working conditions. Belinda and Dave brought our project to life on time and budget while providing the confidence and peace of mind that the end result would meet our expectations. And that, it did. Who would have thought that a piece of industrial machinery could look so spectacular! With no shortage of positive comments about our new story, we will definitely use them again to expand our video library.”

Deb Trebilcock, Marketing Coordinator, Jeffries

Could'a Would'a Should'a

Meet the Watsons

In collaboration with Myadd