What will your grandchildren know
about your grandparents?

It might be too late for your grandparents’ grandparents but it’s a timely reminder for you to record what what you need to tell your children’s children and on down through your line.

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The gift of legacy is the most generous of all. Helping your family to shape their ancestry for the future. Through vivid portraits, your ancestral Influence will guide your descendants.



In the gruelling early days of hard work to create your family’s wealth and security, you were driven to protect and provide for your family. Today things move really fast and our youth are so easily distracted by the trivial values of mainstream pop culture that works so hard to shame the ageing process. Modern day internet is full of motive and ever changing narrative.

Documenting your own story may seem overwhelming. Knowing what to choose from those life defining moments and how to package it all for generational consumption can be intimidating. But just below the surface are the gems waiting to be found. Where memories stream with astonishing detail in a treasure of legacy.

The conscious mind evolved through time from observing and compounding. It was because of this “the clay grew tall.” So for life to thrive, community has a vested interested in itself not to corrupt.


Imagine that favourite movie of yours that you always come back to when you feel you need to watch it again. Video heirlooms allow your family to experience who you are and what you sounded like. Your family will love getting the audio transcripts. Post the movie to a family website, show it at the next family reunion. Let us help you be a storyteller through the ages.


Imagine a storytelling agency such as Mackbel Films creating your digital legacy film to enrich future generations and secure for you an honoured place in your family and community’s history. The focus can be on one person, or the family business or even the community you and your family are part of.

Mackbel Films understands the power of such guidance. Using 2000-year-old storytelling principles, our “living” history process will drive your future generations to a vantage point where they can stand with sure-footedness on your shoulders!

Here’s how we pave the way when you welcome us as storytellers into your home:

  • Story Finding

    We start by uncovering your story.

    In this listening phase, we make notes about how certain experiences relate to people in your life, past and present. We gather your highest priority photos and memorabilia to imbue your story with your DNA.

  • Develop and Craft

    Then we develop a plan.

    We craft questions to make it easy for you to recall important life experiences and elicit the stories. The logistics and a schedule for filming are mapped out to make the storytelling journey a thoroughly enjoyable experience for you.

  • Film and Edit

    Now we film and edit your story!

    In a warm one-on-one interview, our personable team guide you through sharing your happy moments, hard days and milestones that shaped your life. The result will be a beautiful, fresh and vibrant video heirloom. A gift your family will treasure and share for generations to come.


Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation Legacy Video

“Mackbel Films were able to take a basic concept and help us turn into a beautiful documentary to tell our story. They were approachable, flexible and most important they were skilled at helping the people we were interviewing to feel comfortable in front of the camera. The end result far exceeded our expectations.”

Claire Dollard, Public Affairs Manager