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Backpacks 4 SA Kids
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Backpacks 4 SA Kids

Domestic violence surged during COVID lock downs, resulting in a greater number of displaced children in urgent need of support. Backpacks 4 Kids, an organization providing essential supplies to children affected by neglect, abuse, family violence, or homelessness, faced overwhelming demand that outgrew their small warehouse.

Backpacks 4 Kids approached Mackbel Films to create a captivating video that would help secure a major sponsor. The video serves as an impactful tool that is used to support their corporate presentations by providing potential investors with a firsthand look at the urgent need and the difference their support can make.

Collaborate with Mackbel Films to unlock the power of storytelling through video and effectively communicate your organization’s mission. Capture hearts and inspire action among potential clients by showcasing the positive change they can help create.