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Slingshot, The Hygiene Co.

“More than 18 months ago David Mackey mapped out his vision to me about an origin film he wanted to create by capturing a unique moment in my life of when a business idea is thought up and documenting a story of how that idea comes to life.

During this journey David captured many key moments, including how I met Corey White who would become my co-founder, and our story of starting up The Hygiene Co and breathing life into the CleanLIFE brand.

Slingshot by Mackbel Films has documented my transition from where I’d been for 30 years and how I gravitated towards something completely foreign to me. Enormous challenges and the many pains have been depicted along with finding our “Why” and “How”, in this short film.

Thanks to David Mackey and his passion in making business films, I hope this one helps inspire other Australian manufacturers, entrepreneurs and startups to go for it and try to make a difference.

Phil Scardigno
Entrepreneur and Founder of The Hygiene Co.

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