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Creatures of Movement, The Energy Clinic

The purpose was to motivate the viewer to realise most people go through their days having forgotten they are creatures of movement. By not moving, the person’s physical and mental health is reduced. The Energy Clinic builds better humans who develop with the understanding that moving simply makes you come alive.
But many people are not aware of the fact that moving has many unknown advantages by simply accepting it as your natural state. A simple and functional exercise routine can remind a person how much more potential they have and brighten their spirits and future.

Through our story finding process we helped the founder investigate his purpose to connect emotionally with his audience. Because the Energy Clinic didn’t want the story to be just another ‘come join my gym’ video – adding to the noise, we used multiple locations and unique filming techniques to convey the message.
The Energy Clinic provides the best techniques and advice for fitness and all round health because everybody deserves a simple and effective way to habituate they are a creature of movement.

People emotionally connected with the Energy Clinic’s message in a way the founder has never seen before.