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Security Alarm Monitoring Service wanted video content for their personal Safety app ‘WorkSafe Guardian’ to demonstrate the value of their back up buddy system for the lone worker. This was to be for a product website for business to business, communicating how it is to be more reliable and cost effective than an extra employee.

With so many features on the app they needed to feature the Worker and Work Health Safety needs of business, so target markets could understand its usefulness to them. The client didn’t want an emotional sell as the focus was on compliance. The requirement was for a video to be brief, explain why it is needed and create the first call to action and to remember that this is a business to business product. We could see it was a duty of care message and advised on utilising the emotions of trust and reliability. This helped the client see past the their initial concerns of a heart string sell in the explanation of what the WSG App is.

We had one on one briefings to go over the client’s clear ideas and wants and to work through the concept and scenarios to draft a treatment for the narrative guide. We then held casting sessions for actors to play the characters in each scenario and conducted extensive Location scouting taking into account a number of lowlight scenes that needed to be coordinated to keep the days filming within budget.

Without such a thorough pre-production the project would not have stood a chance with so many logistics and variables to coordinate in 4 days of shooting. The message would be less than mediocre and potential markets wouldn’t understand or relate to the apps offering. Since their investment, the business has experienced year on year double growth with the client happy to say:

“WSG made the investment in a high quality information video written and produced by the expert team at Mackbel. Our video was put online in August 2016, it featured on our website and is still used by people looking for our product. Four and a half years later we still get comments from prospective clients that the video explains what our product does and they have gained a good understanding.  50% of viewers still watch it to the end.

For WSG the video has been an invaluable sales tool and the training videos of our product also written and produced by Mackbel has meant we do very little one on one training which has allowed us to scale.”

Greg Lindner