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Ben's Story - from school boy to Apprentice, Master Plumbers

Master Plumber’s Association (MPA) of SA protects the community by providing advice, knowledge and expertise on compliance and industry practice for the plumbing industry.

Quality plumbing apprentices need to be placed out into the industry to sustain quality throughout the community. Therefore it’s important for MPA to get quality applicants that step into the plumbing field, but today’s school leavers don’t really know what they want when they finish school.
So MPA has a real challenge to make sure they keep providing quality apprentices who meet the needs of their employers and also understand perspectives from both the employer and apprentice.

The objective then for Mackbel Films was to help school leavers and their families understand the lifestyle benefits a plumbing apprenticeship can bring them.

An effective business video story was required to engage school leavers and build effective awareness about the Master Plumbers brand.
If Master Plumbers didn’t communicate their brand awareness effectively with a video to be shown in schools then the association will fall back from being seen as leaders in the field.

Master Plumbers engaged Mackbel Films to craft a story to inspire brand loyalty so MPA will stand out as the specialist group training organisation leading the field in serving the industry with quality apprentices and satisfied employers all on the same mission to protect the community.