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Ben's Story - from school boy to Apprentice, Master Plumbers

The Master Plumber’s Association (MPA) of SA is dedicated to safeguarding the community by offering invaluable advice, knowledge, and expertise on compliance and industry practices within the plumbing industry.

Ensuring the continuity of high-quality plumbing services within the community relies heavily on placing competent apprentices in the industry. However, today’s school leavers often lack a clear understanding of their career path upon finishing school. This presents a significant challenge for MPA, as they strive to attract and retain exceptional applicants who not only meet the needs of employers but also comprehend the perspectives of both employers and apprentices.

Recognizing this challenge, Mackbel Films was entrusted with the task of helping school leavers and their families recognise the numerous lifestyle benefits that a plumbing apprenticeship can offer.

This inspiring story was crafted to foster brand loyalty, positioning MPA as the premier group training organization leading the way in serving the industry with exceptional apprentices and satisfied employers. Together, they share a common mission of protecting the community, ensuring quality workmanship, and reinforcing MPA’s standing as the go-to authority in the field.

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