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Soil For Generations, Jeffries

At Mackbel Films, we have the privilege of collaborating with passionate organizations that are driving positive change. One such partnership is with Jeffries, a trailblazer in organic recycling technologies and collection partnerships. Their mission to secure the future of healthy soil for generations to come aligns perfectly with our commitment to impactful storytelling.

Jeffries’ innovative processes and expertise in organic recycling allow them to transform compostable materials and food scraps into high-quality compost, soil, mulch, and organic fertiliser products. As a video production company, we had the opportunity to witness their dedication firsthand and capture their sustainable solutions on film.

With the growing awareness of climate change, customers now expect food and beverage businesses to take responsibility for their environmental impact. Jeffries engaged us to create short videos showcasing their Commercial Recycling Service.

We worked closely with Jeffries to research their success stories and bring them to life through focusing on the customer experience and the tangible benefits of their service.

By showcasing the positive outcomes of Jeffries’ Commercial Recycling Service, we have inspired other hospitality outlets to embrace sustainable waste management practices and contribute to a greener future.

Join us in the pursuit of impactful storytelling and together, let’s see how authentic storytelling can be a catalyst for positive change.

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