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A Family Business, WageLoch

Wageloch believes many organisations are robbed of their time having to deal with the process of payroll data entry. Time wasting is a major drain on any organisation.

With so much competition from other Rostering and Time Attendance software packages, Wageloch needed their message to stand out.

Lachlan the Founder was so aware of how exhaustive it can be for people when Payroll, HR, Bookeepers and Accounts Payable Managers are dealing with overwhelm, locking themselves away for hours doing the rosters…. It would be a real chore for them and they would never make a cent for their company! All that hassle and unnecessary expense taking up time to be able to budget on a daily basis.

When time is saved by instant, accurate data entry the company can strengthen and become more alive and effective. This simple insight is what makes Wageloch such specialists because their personable customer service is so much more than just coding software. So, we guided Lachlan to tell his story through well planned story structuring to show the audience that Wageloch clients are dealing with people not machines.

Instead of just talking about the facts of slow clunky manual data entry susceptible to time consuming mistakes that can be all reduced down to a fraction of the time to free up the staff resources to improve other areas of the company, Lachlan saw the benefits of encompassing all of that within his unique family business story.

Now visitors to his website don’t have to burn up brain calories trying to understand Wageloch’s point of difference because it is all there in one effective video.
Wageloch provides the best solution for payroll management systems in Australia because they believe all organisations deserve a simple and effective way to get their time back.