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We Learned and We Grew, Sonnex

As a family values company Sonnex wanted to promote how they excel at providing high standard solutions in customised metal manufacturing across a wide range of industries on their website and social media.

Grown on reputation and exceptional service Sonnex were new to marketing their specific outputs and messaging but wanted the best representation of their company.

Jano the founder has an entrepreneurial spirit driven by perpetual adaptation of his team’s abilities to meet the needs of their clients. He strives to develop long-term relationships with his clients who appreciate quality engineering, craftsmanship and honest communication.

It wasn’t hard to recognise Sonnex as a kind of hero of Northern Adelaide because of the sense of patriotism Jano has for Australia, South Australia, the Northern area in particular and especially the way he treats all of his staff as family and sticks to his values.

Jano’s story is an exceptional example to the spirit of Northern Manufacturing. Back in the day he saw opportunity to supply Holden with a better service and it worked brilliantly until it was all taken offshore and he almost went bust. His commitment to keep going when times have got very tough meant he found a way to provide new clients with whatever they needed and his business expanded.

Many manufacturers in the North and indeed across South Australia are struggling and understand shared challenges so such a demonstration of resilience would hopefully assist people to see a path forward.

When Jano and his team first viewed his story it was such a revelation for them as their focus has only ever been on their customers, so no time for self reflection. With such a commitment to the region means their business is now thriving. To be asked to tell this story was such a privilege.


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