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Thrive, Women's and Children's Hospital Foundation

A specific video around a music theme was needed to show glimpses into the Foundation’s impact on the Woman and Children’s Hospital (WCH) without making a point of the Woman and Children’s Hospital Foundation (WCHF).

The WCHF needed to show the scale of the hospital operation they support. Everything from the physical building, the patients, the families, the staff, the care, the fun, the seriousness, and the world class service they have at their daily doorstep.

In no way was it to be a sympathy piece showing sick kids because they are sick. Rather, they are in the best place with whatever they are battling.

Being a music video the soundtrack was a vital element to get right in our direction and production planning. The shoot days were scheduled so the departments were within close proximity to each other to give the production the flexibility to move on to something else and back again as and when staff / patients / family were available. All in all the production took four days to capture the content from the ninety departments.

A mix of formal and informal direction pieces that were planned, but also some opportunistic moments so you see all of the hospital without it feeling like a tour.

A department can change in an instant so finding all the access was on the firm understanding we couldn’t ask too much of any one person and the needs of the patients and staff come first. 
 This was a real favourite project to undertake as it brought a whole team and community together to make it work.
“How awesome! Thank you!” Overall feedback.


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